New year, new volume of Cinders

Welcome to volume two! This last year has been one of the best experiences all of us who work on Cinders have ever had. It has been so wonderful to watch this magazine become a reality, moving on from a dream that many of us have shared for many years. It gives us so much pleasure to take our little magazine that could from its first issues into our second year.

We’ve had some incredible highlights from issue one, from interviews with the likes of Ashely Clements, Mary Kate Wiles, Deirdre Sullivan, Meg Grehan, Karen Vaughan and Diana Mirza to looking at feminist influences in pop culture. We’ve looked at some of our favorite tv shows, brilliant movies and incredible historical figures with all around feminist and entertaining writer, Grainne Coyne! We also were lucky enough to be finalists in the V by Very Blog awards Ireland in the books and literature category and shortlisted in the Politics category!

We’ve begun learning Ireland’s third official language: Irish Sign Language with the help of Aisling O’Halloran and learned much more about our mental health with Teresa Mulhern. Not only this- we’ve featured incredible artwork from Baska Szostak and wonderful poetry by SheilSayWords and Melissa Eilers. Mairead Kiernan has taken us on wonderful journeys with her new stories and Laney Lenox has given us a lot to identify with in her introspective pieces. And that was just in six issues of volume one!

And we’re not holding anything back for Volume two! This year we will be heading on new journeys, taking on new challenges and having fantastic new adventures, while always promoting our feminist message. Issue one has a brilliant focus on Irish music with two fabulous exclusive interviews, one with rising Irish star Aine Cahill and the other with fabulous indie artist Sive! We have a host of new writing from Melissa Eilers, Laney Lenox, and newcomer Ashley Tan about their own new beginnings. Mairéad Kiernan gives us a crash course in meditation and Grainne Coyne gives us some much needed inspiration taken from our celebrity faves.

You can get your copy for free here: Cinders Magazine Volume Two Issue One

You can also read it online thanks to

Issue one is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting new year. We hope yours is incredible too.

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