Book Review: Owning It by Caroline Foran


Caroline Foran’s Owning It has swept onto our shelves and excited new readers. Anxiety is something that we are all familiar with, whether in ourselves or in another person’s point of view. Anxiety has a place in our world now and it’s very welcome to have a book from someone who has experienced it for themselves. Caroline Foran takes her own battles with anxiety and gives it over to a fresh perspective, how she and her research has helped her to deal with it. She doesn’t give any impression that she possesses a cure for anxiety but she gives a clear idea that she can live with anxiety and win some of the battles against it through work.

The book is written in an easy conversational style where you feel as though you’re getting advice from a friend, rather than a clinical source. There is sound advice, drawn from her own ideas and from extensive research and it finds a clear path that anyone will find useful, not just those who suffer a great deal from anxiety. She doesn’t claim to be a healthcare professional but rather someone who has gone through this same experience and wishes to give advice to those who are struggling with the same problems that she has had.

We could all use the help of a friend when we are anxious and Caroline Foran’s book does just that.

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